It shows up in many myths around the planet but the myth of Prometheus is essentially the story of two rivers:




Prometheus steals fire from the gods. To the Ancient Greeks fire represented technology. Technology is the natural harnessing of the advances in understanding that science makes- to practical concerns.

As a species, we have struggled with this story.

There is this sense of antagonism between the higher understanding of the laws of nature and the application of stewardship.

All men die. We are but stewards of nature. To argue otherwise is to be a slave to ego.

So that unresolved antagonism bore itself out in our mythologies; that unhealed insecurity that sought immortality in the wrong places. But, we are bigger than our history.

As Walt Whitman said:

We “are vast,” we “contain multitudes.”

Anyone who is an ardent student of the nature of evolution can see into these words and accord them their flourishing wisdom with the spirit of the example of the core of their being; the portrait of the very nature of their nature.

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