Sutranovum Group

Sutranovum group is getting ready to launch.

Sutranovum means “a new pregnant story.”

There are many elements to the vision.

Each one meticulously designed to serve a specific function.

It has been a long and fruitful road and a new road now beckons, far longer than the first, it is the blessed voyage of the application of this seeded vision.

There is a gallery, an animation company, a hardware company, a not for profit foundation and an institute, and more,…

But, right now, the most important focus is on the explanation of a new understanding of the science of the fundamentals of energy production and a kindling of a new vision of ecology for the planet.

My whole mind is primarily focused there. As it is paramount to what is key and relevant in my focus, within the context of the whole.

You can follow the publication of that work here on Facebook or at the sutranovum blog.

Thank you,

Nathan Daniel Curry

Founder and CEO of Sutranovum

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© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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