New insights into the sun

When the mind is still and attentive to what matters one can learn a lot from the research in this book:

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    Nicholas Binion commented :
    While reading this one could listen to the music of Terry Riley and the Kronos Quartet for a soundtrack:

    Kronos Quartet – Terry Riley’s “Sun Rings: Beebopterismo” (Official Audio)

    Nathan Curry replied :
    Thanks 🙏 Nicholas
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It’s interesting the early part of that music – kinesthetically, it reminds me of the movement of the feet of the Dark Eyed Junco I saw recently. A kindling, a building up – the early stages of hydrogen fusion.
    Nicholas Binion commented :
    From Kronos. “The Kronos Quartet’s new recording employs ‘space sounds’ recorded by NASA over the years, and these percussive clicks, drones and ghostly screeches are artfully integrated into the string arrangements. Where some composers tend to get doomy and dystopian when faced with such subject matter, Riley is appealingly childlike and positive, and his strident minimalism is complemented by the utopian harmonies of the Volti choir.” I always enjoyed the presence of Juncos at the bird feeder when I lived in PA. No doubt they are tuned into our local life-giving star, and feel it down to their toes.

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