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    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Aquaponics needs new parameters. It needs to mimic the original soup that the sea used to enrich the complexity to evolve the life. Chemicals stripped from other elements and feed to “feed” only is a closed loop. It is not sustainable. It results in a stripping, tripping and dripping mind. Please use the spiralling of life to do that aqua growing stuff.
    Soil is actually a better choice. Soil and the life in soil hasn’t been understood enough. The chemical farming industry is unfairly forcing the real farmers to be calling them selves “ORGANIC”. Let’s change that. Let’s just say that chemical farming is “synthetic chemical farming”. I don’t want that type of farming to takeover. I know where that leads to. The loss of the air quality for humanity is so gradual that only a mind that is capable of speeding up time can see what is happening. The change ought to be obvious. The change started long ago. The industrial revolution was the pace maker and the internal combustion engines the accelerator. The humans now need to choose again. Wisely.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Yeah that makes sense on a certain level.
    However: remember recent studies of Galapagos finches / seed eating finches fed fruit for a generation gave birth to progeny with fruit eating bills.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Now: follow the depths of inference to its logos.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Overestimating is a quality in some cases and it is a defect in other cases. Eventually the bridges we
    build need repair or replacement due to defects.
    Underestimating is no different but qualities that are present are unseen and unavailable for the support of a project. Nature has been underestimated by humans almost always, except by a few individuals. Those were often called the wise ones, yet the underestimating continued.
    The given needs to be recognized and then used. To invent a flower and ignore the rose that already is is the arrogance of humanity. Hybrids are weakened plants like the herbicide resistant corn plants that were genetically modified in the laboratory of the herbicide producers. The facts are growing. The super weeds have evolved already. Now the herbicide companies are baffled and have convinced the authorities that they needed to change the laws and allow the banned herbicides to be reintroduced to “safe” the food chain production happening on such a large scale with…of course their herbicide resistant plants/seeds.
    Toleration can appear honourable and actually be naive, but tolerance can appear naive and be real honour. Aggression is easy and the loudest shouting appears to draw the most attention, yet water can dissolve the rock regardless of its quietly dropping
    one at a time, throughout the seasons of time.
    The idea to feed children poisonous foods and expect the power of nature and evolution to change their physiology to use the poison for food is a practice that was attempted during the second world war in Germany. It was done by scientists that had no idea about what love is and almost no idea what evolved means.

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