The Word ‘Tumas.”

Language and introspection are like a forest. They are so rich in mirrors to deeper meaning. Like a forest, you must sit very quietly with it for it to to reveal its rich secrets to you.

History becomes hazy and interpretations of truths change fashions.

Three words tells an interesting story though

Jesus (Christ) and (doubting) Thomas.



Intimately connected with early Chrsirianity is the influence of Aristotle and Plato. They had a towering influence.

Yet, just before them came a much more succinct take on the world.

And what is curious is that “Jesus Christ” has come to represent illumination mythically, whereas Thomas is, when associated with Jesus anyway, well, doubting.

But the English word Thomas comes from the earlier Ancient Greek ‘Tumos.”

Tumos means ‘the energy of life itself.’ Yet, it is not split into light and shadow, elevation and doubts.

It is the one pointed focus of applying intuitiive wisdom. If it uses doubt it employs it to see into what is actually true or right. There is no shade of fear in it.

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