The Vast and Dark Unknown

This is one of my favorite lines in any language, that has ever been written.

It is the first line of Parmenides’ poem:

“The mares that carry me as far as longing can reach rode on, once they had come and fetched me onto the legendary road of divinity that carries the man who knows through the vast and dark unknown.”

It’s such an incredible sentence. We hear many sentences every day of our lives. In our thoughts and on the lips of ourselves and others.

Such a sentence stops you though. You wonder what is the character of this man? What did he see in the world and in himself?

It is no small gift to attend to such thoughts.

Inspired by that sentence, the beauty of it, the sacred symmetry of the mind of the man who wrote it, a man who, over 1500 years ago, founded much of our modern civilization as we know it, or a large part of it, and who supported the logos of science and navigation that yields its steadfast evolution, I created a blog.

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Visit the post for more.
Visit the post for more.

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