Follow your bliss

One of the best things I ever learned from something Joseph Campbell said was this. He said that if you are getting a PhD to support an insecurity complex and you see it – walk away from the PhD. He did.

He was in a certain orbit with his PhD and then he went to Europe and he met Carl Jung and Picasso and his mind expanded and he could no longer justify the specificity of that tangent.

That doesn’t mean you can’t handle specifics. It means that you recognize that the general is also very important to the deepest mind. Education means to pull out the essence of that mind.

Einstein struggled with the physics education of his day because his lecturers lacked imagination. Still, he found a way to nurture his inner spark.

One thing you learn from life is that it is the student that is more important than the teacher. Not in an egoistical sense. But the teacher (we all teach by our example) that forever remains an ardent student is ever accessing newness and it is newness that clarifies wisdom; no matter how ancient the application of wisdom is. In that sense, Campbell was a student of life, not a victim of insecurity and the structures that blind.

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