Entropy – Inner Transformation

“with faith impossible things become possible.”

When I was about 4 I wrote a poem. I often ask people what they did at 4. A friend of mine is a very gifted accountant and for him numbers enthralled him. Another friend has a very gifted graphic and fine arts aptitude. The bedroom he grew up in was wallpapered with lots of different fonts.

When the companies that are getting birthed, today were born in me – it happened in Tibet. They had no name, no clarity of objective, other than to start with a comedy animation about a teacher and a student and a marriage – the roots of a balanced society lie in those two relationships. My yoga teacher once said in a lecture, if you can make someone laugh, they breathe deeper and relax and they can take on deeper insights. When that intuition came I followed it, as I trusted that statement he had made.

Later, I met the font guy and the name of the company came to me. Plants grow from seeds and all man’s endeavors come down to the carefully tendered seeds of his imagination.

I always kept journals as a child. Journals of nature and travel. The writing was never an option for me. It was a gift in built into my character. To express is a human calling. A songbird is born to sing. Expression is an important aspect of our anatomy. It’s like putting a stake in the ground that marvels at the wonder of it all. A great artist or a great scientist, through their work, through their expressions of insight, they are doing that. We do it through dance and music and science and our application of know how.

My first poem was about otters and that love of the natural world was so profound in me. In almost all my free time as a child I was off in nature collecting bark and drawing birds. It was my nature to do those things and my parents encouraged it.

They are just stories from another person’s life to you who are reading this.

But there is an insistence in nature – to aspire to new heights, not out of insecurity, but out of smart aspiration.

Relatively recently, my attention has turned to Nikola Tesla’s work and hydrogen fusion in the sun. These may sound like abstractions. Yet, the furnace of the sun is the source of all life and light in the solar system.

I think the hallmark of a good education is to trust your deepest intuition – it is a cultivated concern (in the positive sense of that word).

In my case, one thing I tried to shrug off, but I have failed, and happily so, is this sense that I have a voice.

It is one thing to express. It is another to say things that genuinely yield meaningful transformation.

The Greek word “entropy” means “inner transformation.”

In our modern science, until the nature of quantum physics becomes very clear, we have lost that root meaning of the sense of that word, “entropy.” It is the correct meaning, the root one.

When you study the yoga sutras, you come to see the pertinence of the 4th Chapter, the chapter on enlightened conduct.

Yet, it is the 23rd sutra of the 1st chapter and the 2nd sutra of the 1st chapter that are the core axioms behind meaningful change in the mind of man.

The 23rd sutras says that with faith impossible things become possible.

Some say it is the first sutra really. It’s where you start your journey with that statement. Any journey.

And the second sutra essentially says that there is a symmetry in the mind of man that accords with the larger balance of nature.

They are truths. Not ideas. To attend to them fully is the business of all sane enterprises.

Once my teacher guided me to make some money. I asked him if he had any advice for me about the “how.” He said, “Engage the whole heart virtuously.”

He wasn’t really asking me to make money. He was telling me to harness my gifts wisely. All kinds of profits follow automatically when conscientiousness is married to that.

To launch my companies, after the tendering of their potential for a long time in my mind, I need to take my Facebook feed of the last 4 months or so and post it on the Tumos blog. That is being done.

I’m focusing on some science. It will be published on the Tumos blog so google picks it up – which does not happen with Facebook. I have to pay a colleague who is doing that for me. Once that is done I should be good to go financially. But a leg up right now is supremely helpful.

Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends (1968)
John Robert “Joe” Cocker OBE (20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014)

Should you be supportive of donating $5 to that cause you can do so to the link in the comments (essentially it is to pay my assistant for his many labors).

I saw into the significance and the scale of the work that was being inspired in me and I realized to fully dedicate myself to that fully engaged heart – I should shift my attentions fully to writing what I have seen into. And so I am.

Recall that:

“with faith impossible things become possible.”

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