Citta – the deep mind

We get the words “cited” and “city” from the Sanskrit wood “Cittam.” It means the deep mind.

The 2nd sutra of the yoga sutras says:

“The state of union or yoga is a movement of the stuff of mind in a one pointed direction that is orchestrated by the deep mind to perpetuate harmony and evolutions.”

The civilization that tends to dominate on our planet is the one that was discerned very practically by Parmenides.

He did an incredible job of laying down the discerned irrigation channels of what an evolved human society is, in essence. The world we live in and function in, in terms of its maintenance and wise stewardship, to a large extent it is rooted in his work and that of Empedocles, Pythagoras and Herodotus.

When the shadow of its misinterpretation is lifted, we find there is a way beyond the madness of war; there is this sense of cultivation and order. Not an imposed order. Not a fearful order. But the inherent symmetry of nature that is torrentially abundant, that reality recognized without resistance, fully tended, that delivers a crystal clear awareness of the awe inspiring nature of nature.

Science means knowledge. The flywheel of man’s innovation is called technology. It was symbolized by the Ancient Greeks as the image of fire.

When that flywheel is attached to the angles of man’s best nature, and when it generates, under the auspices of man’s incredible mind, nature’s full glorious powerful potential, the focus of Parmenides goals are made clear.

It is a living and loving focus. Harmony is its natural fragrance.

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