Wounds as lack of trust

The wounded

One thing the keen eye observes is this:

When you witness wounded people what you see is this lack of trust. You can be totally alone and trust. You can also be with another and be totally neurotic. You can be alone and neurotic. Many are.

But whether alone or together alone – if you have not nurtured trust – you will be full of joyless toil and self-importance/ugly proud standing and authority and money, or lack of it – the various masks 🎭of the neurotic mind – whatever the ego attaches to;

– but you will not know what love or meaning is and you will be a busy destructive force and not know yourself. And such a fool can be very common. He or she need not be –

To reverse that trend you must trust the unfolding of events and get out of your own way. Period.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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