Pioneers in Science

George Washington Carver has always been a hero of mine. He was a very inspiring man. His love of science and innovation is well recorded.

He figured out 300 new things you could do with peanuts. Of itself, that alone, is a wonderful contribution. Economies develop because of the presence of such minds.

A few years ago, I recall there was a Star Trek show where the Doctor and Captain and others travel back in time to the 1980s. In it there is a scene where the doctor witnesses surgery in that decade and laments how primitive it is.

In my opinion, one of the greatest doctors to have ever lived was a man named Georg Groddeck. His work is profoundly inspiring. It is not mentioned in the Star Trek episode but Groddeck’s work would not be ill fitting for aspects of the future of medicine. Yet, he was a contemporary of Freud.

But whether it is Groddeck or Carver, great pioneers in science, essentially they change the landscape of our understanding; and release previously unseen potential.

G.W. Carver | National Peanut Board
You probably remember George Washington Carver from elementary s

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