Networks and Science

Our world today is incredibly networked. It is a wonderful thing in a way. We can learn about Madagascar or neutrinos at the flip of a google search. Social media can be fun too because you stay connected with the stories of people you met far away in a tangent and yet there was a connection there or there is the random nature of add that person. Life is a rich crop of gifts.

I think the greatest gift in a sense is self-knowledge and that is always the domain of the philosophical scientist. The thing that I find marvelous when I survey the land of quantum physics is that we have these things called quarks coined by a physical who stole it from James Joyce. But we also have this extraordinary process of the fusing of rivers of wisdom too.

I remember attending this lecture by a biophysicist in Chennai, India. He said that just as you have planes and cars and trains, you have different fields of medicine, Western Hippocratic medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, Acupuncture, yoga. And these different streams, like the plane and the ship and the car operated in different aspects of the whole.

I do witness this maturation though, certainly implicate, and nascent in many ways.

In Hiroshima and Nagasaki we proved that e= Mc squared. No doubt about that.

Then one must factor in 5 other things:

1. Right after Einstein published his groundbreaking papers in 1905 Nikola Tesla contacted him and he said – “well done, but yeah, things go faster than light.”

2. Einstein didn’t believe that was possible. Two key men followed him: David Bohm and Stephen Hawkings, and a third, arguably, Richard Feynman (obviously one cannot ignore the contributions of Maxwell, Planck and Niels Bohr). Bohm made a great breakthrough with his work on the holographic universe.

3. In Math the work of Terry Wall – k and l theory, and a man whose names escapes me but I will edit this later – he made great advances to machine learning after Ramanujam and Turing. Their contributions are significant to the whole picture of energy science.

Both are important. The physics and the math. They dance together and bequeath energy dynamics and chemistry which leads to biology.

Science is vast. But men like Einstein and Tesla are talking about fundamental forces. And the conversation gets pretty rarefied.

4. What is most wonderful perhaps in this Milky Way of human evolution is that we do see a churning of many milks in one pot in our time. If “milk” is the metaphorical rock, the allegorical root of the fruit of our love and our most earnest wisdom.

The Indians say “neti neti.”

Not this, not that.

The search for truth negates what is false and clarifies what is true. In the spirit of that example, of one such tradition with an enduring truth to impart: in that sense the great wisdom traditions of Ancient Mongolia, India and Greece do positively fuse in our time.

5. The Greeks brought in the fulcrum and the lever. That logos squared, in terms of forces, math and momentum, gifts insight into fundamental physics. It involves gyroscopic forces.

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