Meditating on the Font of things

I would say that the most important word to meditate on when it comes to the science of science is the word “font.”

It means “spring.” Associated with the word spring is “perennial.” It means: “lasting the year through.”

When I was a younger man, 27 years old, I went to see a wise man. I met him three times over the same two questions.

Each occasion he asked me the same questions. 3 meetings. On different days.

The same two questions.

“Do you ask for your fingernails to grow? Do you ask for your heart to beat?”

Each time, I answered: “No.”

The first two meetings, he politely said:


I knew reverence, so I left. Sometimes reverence has you stay. Sometimes it has you leave. In my current work I must definitely stay exactly physically (for many profound reasons I shall expand on soon) where I am and I move mountains to do that. Effortlessly. But, at that time, the right thing to do was leave. I did.

And the meeting ended.

The third time, the same sequence, but then he qualified the significance of the questions.

“You do not ask for your fingernails to grow nor for your heart to beat. Yet, there is an intelligence that attends to these things.

Nathan, there are other forces in life. When the mind is still it can listen and attend. Please do.”

There is a spring associated with the nature of nature. A font. It is essentially benevolent.

It is not aware of limitation. Not in the sense that the blind egotistical mind perceives. It is aware of another order; a deeper awareness or knowing. That knowing makes the world entire flourish. He helped me see that the implicit context of the last sentence is actually a law of nature. You come to know it when you see through those egoistical blunders/blinders.

It is, perhaps, the most extraordinary discovery.

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