Energy and the Metaphor of the Gordian Knot

I have studied Nikola Tesla a lot lately. I have also had to deal with some turbulence in my personal life. I shall share more soon.

But this is the most extraordinary thing I have come across that Tesla said. He said:

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

By anyone’s lexicon, that’s a bold statement. I have thought much about it, especially in light of a profound meditation on the nature of stars and hydrogen and electromagnetics.

And what it brings to mind is the story of the Gordian knot. The Gordian knot is a story from the ancient world. In the story someone ties a knot so expertly that no one, no mathematician, nor a philosopher, no physicist, no one, can crack this knot.

Then, Alexander enters stage left, 😉. And he takes out his sword and he cuts the knot. I remember when I first heard that story I was among friends in Paris. I also remember someone else who heard the story for the first time, he said, “But, that’s not fair. That’s cheating. The problem is not solved by cutting through the rope.” He was right and wrong at the same time. The quantum nature of things.

He was wrong: because it did solve the problem. It cut through the apparent obstacle. But, at a purely intellectual level he was right. That’s cheating. The sword is of a different order to the rope. Similarly neutrinos/tachyons – they are a different order to other wave-particle continuums.

I see the path that Tesla and Einstein were vacillating around, it was the same, comparatively as the two orders of understanding in the story of the Gordian knot.

On the one hand, there are fossil fuels/renewables & the no sum game of nuclear fission l(the stuck Gordian knot as far as energy economy goes) and then, there is Duction, the boon of hydrogen fusion and newable tech (the sword of a different order of understanding that cuts through much ignorance).

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