All of us have primal peak experiences as a child. Two stand out for me. Among many. I was about 11 and I ran the race track at Olympia. That track is the soiled origin of the Olympic Games. You can get on a plane and run that original track. That was a seminal moment for me. I recall running as fast as my legs could carry me. The original 100 meters or yards; however you measure it. It starts there: at the first Olympic track in Olympia.

The second peak experience was a failure but as with all failures, and all successes, it taught me much.

When you introduce a child to an animal of the magnitude of a whale; it is no small encounter. Many whales are sift feeders, they feed on krill and plankton. Some eat fish. And then there is the Blue Whale, the largest single higher organism on earth, and the Sperm Whale, he dives deeper than any other mammal, besides man; both incredible animals.

I wanted to see a whale so badly. I remember going to an island near where I lived as a child. And I confused a rock in the water for a whale. I was convinced it was a whale. I was wrong.

Passion does not guarantee clarity. Only wisdom assures that.

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