Among the deepest wisdoms

Once my teacher was very urgent. The deepest wisdom is hard to access. The biggest block is the ego. Many things define the ego and it is different in nuance in Indian culture (and hence the rest of the Orient) to the West. But, essentially, Joseph Campbell summed it up best. He said that the ego starts with the feeling: “Oh, I can’t do that.”

I recall when I was 16 I had a very long journey to make. I stuck my thumb out and I hitched a ride. I was determined and not easily persuaded to turn back. Such was my passion. It could power a locomotive.

My teacher asked his teacher:

“Does life take care?”

Mr Jiddu Krishnamurti replied:

“Yes, but only when you completely let go.”

An exchange like that, to attentive ears, well, it is not insignificant. It is a statement about the laws of nature and one can gauge its veracity only by the character of the men involved. I knew one of them very well. Such knowing opens doors.

But only when one is fully attentive to the nuances of the pure heart; that is the only worthwhile challenge of the archetype of the knight after all – the living questing man of deeds. Virtue, curiosity, tenacity, absolute honesty/integrity and loyalty to natural law are his only strengths.

Yet, they suffice.

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