America, France and Britain

There’s a lovely line in this clip:

Master and Commander (1/5) Movie CLIP – Men Must Be Governed (2003) HD

The scientist character says:

“There is no disdain in nature.”

That, in my humble opinion, is the best title for this video. In America I love Lincoln, Whitman, Thoreau and Emerson as they advanced what the likes of Darwin and Parmenides were all about. And the essence of the best of the spirit of Voltaire too.

What a wonderful line:

“There is no disdain in nature.”

Only in man. And, needlessly so.

A fundamental truth. The English ruled the world more than Hitler or Napoleon, or Alexander in their time. And naturally you need curiosity, greed and wits to get to such a status.

But, out of that culture, came the natural scientist. It was nothing new. The Ancient Greeks had pioneered it.

I’m not a fan of pomp and circumstance. I’m a student of the natural rhythms of nature. Any sane man is. The man in this clip, the scientist, not the captain, he is modeled loosely on Charles Darwin. They go to Galapagos. I lived in those islands for three months once. What a blessing to have such an experience. In a very big way, it was the Galapagos finches that influenced Darwin.

Those finches have not lost their significance in time. Recently, a study was published about them.

The key thing to understand about Galapagos finches is this: they have many different beaks/bills.

Some eat nuts.

Some eat fruit.

Some eat insects.

Some eat seeds.

And a big nut eating beak is different to a thin insect eating beak.

In the recent study of finches they fed the nut eating finches fruit. For a generation. Even though they had nut eating beaks. The birds dealt with it. The next generation were all fruit eating birds. Their beaks I mean.

Those finches, more than any other of his discoveries, they were primary to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.

And today, the marvels of nature, are still being revealed through them. Their essential message to us, in the mirror of their stories?; nature is exceptionally adaptive and progressive; by nature.

It gets really interesting when you study the application of the deeper logos of that ecology, the story of the adaptive finches, to forest fires and the story of the beaver, a keystone species, and the evolution of the seed of the redwood.

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