A Thousand points of light

Tesla, Einstein, Jenner, Pasteur, Marie and Pierre Curie. Just their name alone it sparks a sense of wonder. Pasteur was, in a sense, the father of microbiology. He got many things right and many things wrong. But he founded a whole field of scientific inquiry in the process. Jenner was the father of immunobiology. Then, in the context of all that, there are characters like Beauchamp, Georg Groddeck, Cabeza de Vaca, Norman Cousins and even Patanjali and Hippocrates and all contribute to our evolving understanding of the nature of things.

I have spent much of my life studying 2 things:

Mythology (especially comparative mythology)

And the fundamentals of science and perception

Eleanor Rooscelt said:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

It is wise to clarify the character of a man, by the example of his activity. But Eleanor is right, the deepest conversations revolve around the evolution of ideas.

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