A New Vista

I can imagine a planet without war, a planetary society beyond conflicts of the tired past.

Powered by hydrogen fusion and duction.

I can see the deserts reversed and I can see an economy that is robust and that supports the flourishing of man such as this Earth has never seen before.

All true vision is planted with the seeds of imagination. Then,

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” –Henry David Thoreau.

…, then, well, then you must put foundations under such true vision.

This is an inescapable law of the creative spirit.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

1 thought on “A New Vista”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Yes this is your part to play. All the world is a stage. It is easy to judge the past. But how much do you see. And did I use it to be building my foundation for my vision. True vision is always true for the seer. Often he was called a dreamer. He doesn’t care about the rejection and finds that switch to turn off the rejection. The truth is that you are never alone. The Liverpool football club has fans that spread the message. The Beatles came from there and spread “all you need is love”. People make their judgements about others. This is because they are still learning who they are. The doubt is over when. When the doubt is over. If you think you are frozen in. Just understand that you are not dead in the water. Nor a sitting duck. The hunters are in the forests and the gardener is in the cheerful meadow near the brook that sings.
    The damned, damning and the daming up is going to stop. I am removing them. I need 33 years more. I am asking the giver of LIFE. HE said “yes that is possible. You need to remove your own daming”.
    Life dams too but the business is of the beavers is under control of the wolf and his servants the coyote. Let the forests piss up again and make the rain clouds you need to purge your mind and land of the daming and damning.
    Frozen water floats on water but when it melts the cold descends. What humans do not know is that the earth is baring a child in her. The blood of the child is black and if it burns the rain turns into snow. Ice age. Humanity has first stripped the forests. Goated and pigged itself. The greed separated the blood of the child and made plastic and fuel to go faster than gravity and sound. But humans don’t understand the food. The blood feeds the child.
    The birth of a child looks like separation to humans and the chord that feeds needs to be cut and neatly tied. Steel was needed and everything was used.
    The time has come. The change must happen now.
    Today is the now, the now of The Now which is always. When you know you see that it’s always now…
    Yes I have vision too. So what. It is not special. Everyone has vision and it’s insanity to think anything or anyone is really frozen. The movement may appear to stop and you may call it death or insanity. People thought Buddha was insane to sit down and not move from his frozen state. But he undamed his mind and found the river. It poured in to humanity and has brought peace and happiness to millions.
    Judge the distance of the traffic around you so that you can steer and brake on time and turn safely in where you need to go. But never justify your anger, use respect for the bull, but fear only being afraid. Fear is not needed, learning to discern your doubts is a requirement to question accurately. When the equation is solved pride may seem appropriate but that is actually a doubt that hasn’t been recognized. Joy and wanting the natural(sharing) is an appropriate result.Whoops is the word that I learned to say when I looked at whose shoulders I was and am standing on. Remember that you never stand or walk alone.

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