Comic Christmas Carol

I definitely think it’s a good idea to rewrite a comic version of Christmas Carol by Dickens – with a special focus on the ghost of Shroedinger character looking for his lost cat.

Ghost of Shroedinger: I’ve lost my cat. I put it in a box in a thought experiment and I closed the box and I don’t know what the fxxx is going on now. I just want my cat 🐱🐈back.

Ghost of Freud: Err yeah it’s not real.

Ghost of Einstein: Hold up Sigmund I think he’s onto something,…

Ghost of Shroedinger: Yeah but don’t let your intellectual rigor piss on my emotional pain – you have a cat Albert!

Then Tiny Tim could come in and say all bewildered: Who are you? Where’s Ebinizar? Wtf?


© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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