If you got on a plane now and you flew to Brazil or Peru and then took a Cessna into the more remote regions of the Amazon, the chances are, if you were persistent, that you could find a man who has no idea what a telephone is.

And if you managed to communicate to him what it was through language and descriptions, he may think you insane. From his perspective he may be correct in thinking what you describe is crazy as he has no reference for such technology. That doesn’t make you crazy though. Telephones exist.

But then what if you can see into the nature of a technology that doesn’t yet exist? How do you handle that one? It’s simple: You have to prove it or it’s just heresay.

I heard someone say the other day that the difference between genius and insanity is often hard to distinguish. That’s utter nonsense though. They are completely different streams.

What they were actually saying: that their own projections of understanding were muddled and they projected that confusion. That’s what you read between the lines when you infer Joseph Campbell’s guidance: “Listen to what is talking when someone is talking. Not to who.”

When what is talking is genuine insight that matters, it inspires real attention.


© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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