What is sutranovum?

Sutranovum is three entities.

A Foundation and sutranovum institutehttps://foundation.sutranovum.com

The mission statement of the sutranovum institute is:

“Celebrating humanity and the cosmos through the healing power of a new story that honors the indivisible whole.”

The idea being that healed men, healed nations, a healed planet is born of the recognition of the intrinsic beauty of life in natural alignment with the logos of the whole, and when that recognition is afforded, we come to reflect it.

Sutranovum Hardware company – https://hardware.sutranovum.com – this is dedicated primarily to hydrogen fusion and duction but also to rethinking vehicle design at fundamental levels.

And sutranovum inc which includes an animation company and a publishing and licensing wing.

Crucial to all of the above is the work I am currently doing.

I set up a GoFundMe campaign. I need to raise about 1200 dollars more (I raised 180). That covers the core costs for publishing the science.

I also created a PayPal link: – if you can donate – Thanks.

You can sign up for updates at the Tumos blog – hopefully by tomorrow.


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