There is a line in the Course in Miracles.

It says:

“I am determined to see differently.”

I find, in the spirit of Joseph Campbell’s book: “Transformations of Myth through time,” that the cosmological map that the Course points to is flawed and outdated.

But that word: “determined”. – it is a word very few really know the depths of. And that sentence in the book has great value when brought before the discriminatory faculty in the mind. It can be used to usurp all victimhood from the shadow of who one is. The lines “love holds no grievances,” and “you were created by love,” – those sentiments are true.

The Indians have a similar word: Srddha

It means the zeal of a mind that has fully embraced the whole heart of its nature.

The cosmos has wonderful secrets for us to fathom. We evolve with our penetrated understanding of those secrets. And that requires srddha.

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