Reversing the Deserts and the Rivers of Blood

The word “blood” – the root word of it means to flower or bloom.

There are two plants that can play a big part, when rightly balanced with goats and livestock, to help reverse the deserts of the planet.

I discovered them in Timothy Dundun’s garden.

The Tree of Heaven – Alanthus altissima

The Wandering Jew – Genus Tradescantia

You add in mulberry trees and hemp and silk worms and you have a big part of a larger recipe for thriving economies.

Where once there had been deserts and the meaning of the life blood of nature was not seen and so not allowed to thrive, then follows a blooming garden of man’s mind, ever evoking and evolving the sequestered custodian of nature that he is.

Armed with an understanding of the nature of nature, we can reclaim our lost capacity.

In such visionary soils life thrives.

These are excerpts from an old encyclopedia on plants that I found at Los Angeles Central library with snippets about those two plants:

The highest blossom – Alanthus altissima (a tree)

And Tradescantia (a vine) – Spiderwort – named after John Tradescant – a botanist, horticulturalist and a gardener to a king. A man of a Dutch family origin.

We may think of agriculture as carrots and lambs. But it is also reclaiming deserts.

And for that the fastest growing, most evolved plant, which many consider a weed, is Alanthus altissima. It is an extremely hardy and ingenious plant. Together, as foundation stones, those plants, when fully appreciated and tended rightly, they can support reversing the fortunes of countless people in poverty. They can make riviers in the desert.

Then, you get the carrots and the lambs.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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