The Latin word for bird is avem. The word Ave! in Latin means “hail!”

There is something about birds that has long enthralled me.

Some days ago I had just sat in a chair alone in a secluded place in a quiet garden, when a bird appeared. It flew down and landed about 7 feet from me.

For some reason, I knew this was a very important little bird. It had a red ring around its eye – it must be a subspecies.

I remember saying aloud, very quietly, “Oh, you are a very special little bird.”

I have a lifetime of watching birds behind me and I could immediately sense, with a trained eye, that this bird had an important communication for me. I was immediately very attentive and I took notes of its movements.

It was a Dark Eyed Junco mostly from Oregon. The Latin name of that bird is Junco hyemalis – the winter flowering reed/grass.

I saw two other unusual bird encounters that day. But this one, the first, it was the most extraordinary thing that I have ever encountered.

What do you hail? A leader? A god? Those things can be flawed. No, you hail but one thing. Truth. Wisdom is the distillation of truth to practical concerns. Wisdom opens the doors to the garden in the mind that nurtures virtue. One might call that garden the seed of loving actions.

And this little bird appeared. It started to do a dance, like a crackling and the crackling tower of its forced movements it was intense and focused and when I use the phrase “crackling tower,” it is quite deliberate, for there was this sense in its movements of intense energy building up. At first it just moved its feet but with an intensity the most skilled African foot dancer would have been impressed by.

And after a while of this movement, the bird suddenly shot up to the sky with insane speed.

I had been looking at the nature of hydrogen. At its combustion in the sun, at around that time.

Friedrich August Kekule was a German chemist. He clarified the structure of Benzene. He said he had discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a day dream of a snake seizing its own tail.

In a similar way, that bird taught me the hidden photo

Phyto-electro-magnetic-thermodynamics of hydrogen fusion in the tachocline layer of the sun; the star we orbit, the source of all life in a solar system.

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1 thought on “Ave!”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Yes I understand. I recognize the vision brother. Go get ’em TIGER!
    YES I remember you. Yes we have our story now. Essentially past is permitted to be just that. However if it helps the learning today. Well I use it. My dear brother I have cried for two hours before I understand why the bird would not heal. I was only there, whole hearted, well so I thought, then finally the revelation came. “the bird can not die, because its life is beyond the form your body eyes are seeing. Well… after revelation it’s like great sex. You just feel extremely grateful.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven that bird dies like you and I.
    The question one has to ask is: have you truly lived?
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven which infers the question: have you engaged your whole heart and mind to the foci that interest you?
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry finally I have my no. No. NO. oh make an lexicon seeking for the roots if you please.
    The no is a confident state of mind. Which is required for help
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven ?
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry oh it was getting late last night and I was to short and probably drifting off.
    When I experience a no in my Mind I look twice. No is rejection but I am not really able to reject anymore. Accept what needs to be recycled. Yes I am addicted to the idea. I see it all over the place and in every activity. I learned about the law of octaves and how starting a new octave before the first one is done fills the interval at the si-do interval. Learning how to be happy is that too. It’s like making the best music possible.
    A no can help to let a useless idea disappear into the light and be recycled. It can also be used to stop. But what can really stop. This question was amazing to me when I was at a red light and I am not joking about the red lights in Amsterdam. I lived in the city but only had to take a short cut through those streets occasionally. Actually they are all over the place in the city. I have a dear friend who comes from there and she transformed the experience.
    Anyway I got sidetracked. I suddenly remembered that the earth is hurled through space as it orbits the sun. The sun too is being hurled by a galaxy and that by a constellation and apparently that by something too. And I laughed at the idea that I was stopping at the commandment of a German law but almost no one remembers the real speed they are travelling at. But usually I find value in obeying laws. But love has its own laws. Apparently they appear to conflict with some people here. But love knows what to do with that. As a gardener I don’t really see weeds. I see abundance. It is such a huge idea I just never get tired of giving it away. I have even seen myself doing so lately during my sleep time. Gees that was a surprise. So I wish you all the abundance.

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