“All arguments lead to Hitler.”

I think there’s some speculated joke law on the internet that says:

All arguments inevitably lead to Hitler.

So there 😉

But imagine if the pained part of Hitler had been healed. All that bitterness and self loathing pushed out and projected on to Jewish people and homosexuals and gypsies and disabled people.

And then take a step back and think about this: whenever you are tempted to hate someone, there’s a little bit of Hitler’s kind of bitterness in you.

Now, imagine yourself on a ship on a gray sea with heavy cloud cover. And suddenly a burst of rain and torrential downpours for hours. You can barely make out the black arrows of the storm petrels combing the ocean before you. Then, the rains end and you see the petrels, the most tenacious birds dancing over the waves out to the end of where your eyes can focus. The dolphins come to ride the bow of your boat in what appears to be a symphony of joy.


It’s the same world.

We can light it up, when, and as, we forge beyond the storms of our pained illusions.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

1 thought on ““All arguments lead to Hitler.””

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Well Hillie, willy, nilly recycled and recycled and recycled. I know that. I live in Germany with the body I am using. I have healed Hillie He was confused about making this world perfect. Yes that was his idea. The part of the Mind that appears confused and was called many names, which included Hillie has been healed. Germany is being allowed to be a leader again. She is coming into her sharing again, her Renaissance. She is becoming amazing again. This time I am here helping to steer the ship into calm waters and her brilliance is going to bloom again. They had brought Mozart’s Handel, Bach, and Goethe. Steiner and so many Einstein’s. Hillie was a hiccup in her history. The name is not spoken by people who understand him. They know he is going to be forgotten. I remember what I wanted and what I want. I am still learning to forget what I want. This takes time and get skill. It is extremely important to learn that.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The planet is the only meaningful focus now.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry okay I’m helping.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    I am talking about the arts the crafts and the plants about learning about what you called renewables.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven the Germans gave the world the word “heaven.” It means the place of clouds. Clouds are made by plants.
    Kenneth Wapnick compared Beethoven’s music to the journey to heaven. Mozart’s music was the music OF heaven.
    When you listen to Requiem by Mozart: the complexity of it – and yet, the rhythms cascading – you can start to fathom how the mind of man can clarify the greatest mystery – the mystery of hydrogen.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Jung knew Richard Wilhelm (pretty sure it was him) who translated the Tao te Ching into German. He was living in China and his mind was Western but plummeting the Eastern depths. A real pioneer. Not an easy path. Jung saw into the challenges in it and cautioned him.
    But caution does not change the world.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry right cautioned is needed with poisonous things in any case.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven yes in that sense. But not in the sense of embracing dynamic newness.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry maybe I am an idiot to repeat what wise men said, but I have lived my current incarnation with a lot of disregard for caution. “More often in this world it’s a case that the most powerful and valuable is not uttered. Yes it appears as silence to those currently choosing to be incapable of hearing, but those who know, they know what communication is.
    Yes love has no caution, no stopping, no withholding.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven and so it is not a doormat to other’s projected insecurities. Which are obvious when you train the eye to look.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry every child needs the security of the clan, the group, the hive, the flock, the swarm, the family. But the ultimate comfort is knowing the Oneness. Without that I am insecure, I have seen that. And then my eye was trained. Now I just look for it in everyone and everything. I see that you do that too. But apparently individually. I understand the apparent contradiction. I never say goodbye but I often recognize that it might be my last visit so I give my very best. I still get tired and need rest too with my body. So nice to chat again.

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