I discovered a latent faculty in myself recently. I read about how Tesla saw his experiments in his head. He could design and improve the products of his invention in his mind. He would build a whole machine and refine it in his head. Once it was fully refined, he actually built it.

In my case, in a sort of savant kind of way, I came to understand things that a logical mind could not fathom. It’s funny but three things helped me really.

Not having much money when I was volunteering on farms in Northern California. It meant that I had very little gasoline and I learned to gauge the tank very precisely. Lol, I did it by running out of gas a few times (in the deserts of Mexico too). That and the Ancient Greeks and their fulcrum and their lever. The principle of a lever and fulcrum being applied to leverage greater weight than the normal expenditure of energy. This principle squared happens (then stages of exponential growth) in hydrogen fusion.

The third thing was to marry those two and implicitly understand the minimum energy (gas mileage to get to what key milestone) (the fulcrum being how to leverage the limited funds) needed to achieve my goal and what it leveraged.

I could apply that to very large sums of money, based on principles in chemistry and physics and mathematics. And to complex feats of engineering. All the flowering product of understanding the fundamentals of subatomic forces.

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1 thought on “Self-discovery”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Heather Wilcox commented :
    Confused, is your talent being able to come to precision when need arises?
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Heather Wilcox commented :
    I can match cards when shuffling and open books to exactly where I want and go across town on all green lights. It’s a third eye thing. I do it automatically, with intent but without pressure.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Apply that to challenges that matter. It’s the same faculty.

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