What is enlightenment?

Someone asked me recently about enlightenment. There are many ways to answer that question.

The question was:

What is it?

But it the “how” that matters most.

Mohammed Ali, he had a spark about him. And he once said a very beautiful thing.

He said that if he was a street sweeper he would be the best street sweeper in the world.

There’s a clue to the ‘how’ there in what he said.

From what I have surmised from looking very carefully at the mind there are two things that are paramount to fulfillment.

One is natural interest. Every child comes with certain creative draws and gifts. The right atmosphere to nurture those is paramount. No matter how sad or angry you may be, if you can appreciate a flower and you can move the smallest digit on your smallest finger – you can do the yoga of silencing what is not virtuous in you. The root meaning of virtue is what is of merit – it is also: “man.” That, by the way is why William Shakespeare, who wrote in a period known as the Enlightenment, had the character Polonius say:

This to thine own self by true, as it follows as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.

Shakespeare stated a profound truth in that line. It’s an older more experienced man giving advice to a younger adventurous man with his whole life ahead of him. If you can honor your own interests, life supports the flowering of that beauty in mysterious ways. That’s a law of nature.

And the second factor: like Mohammed Ali, you must put your whole heart into everything you do. Mastery of this is key.

Even if you are the greatest fool on earth, if you do one and two, discrimination is inevitable. But you can’t do it by halfs. You must engage your whole heart and your sanest mind.

When you do that you begin to plumb the depths of the meaning of

“The measure of man.”

Meditation in Sanskrit (dhyana) means “to measure.”

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Funny Nathan I thought of the boxer Mohammed Ali yesterday during a drive back from my employment. Finally I was enlightenment by a wonderful tv program that he was on. I saw the intelligence in him and fell in love with him. He understands what he means about the sweeper. Take anything and try to do it perfectly and you are going to drive the insanity out of your mind and you are going to recognise the Perfection of the Mind. This is what a enlightenment is. And anyone has it available. My job is to support those who are trying to bring Perfection to this world. Right perception is the key. Or call it right thinking.
    Once again thanks for being there for me.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Where is this posting happening? I am a dinosaur when it comes to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    Can you edit my posts here too? I mean is it already possible on the Facebook website for an administer to literally change the text that I wrote? I have experienced that my post is removed, but not sure if they can change it. I often post once and then edit because of my screen size on the smartphone. But I noticed that your reply was occasionally to my unedited text. I am embarrassed then. I try to get it perfect in one flow but am still learning about that.
    My mind hops in levels and I mostly am not aware of that changing because I focus on the clarity. Every level requires clarity. The chaos is not reality and appears real. Confusion seems real but it is sleeping. Sleeping looks like absence. But it is a recycling. Enlightenment is always a to something. To be in the light literally means to be in the light. Darkness is an illusion. The human body is not able to see in the darkness but bats feed at night. There is no darkness for them. Cats see in the dark(absolute darkness is a joke). If death were possible it would be absolutely dark. Funny how the internet is virtual reality and built on the idea of light and darkness. To save energy it’s better to switch off the lights. Ha ha ha. Go get enlightened and then try and switch off the lights. That is really insane, well even worse it’s impossible.
    When the recycling is done the cycle is completed and you know you are HOME.
    So if you have a moment I would like to understand if the editing is possible from your keyboard and you can change this post?
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It’s here Henry Kuyvenhoven
    The sign up sheet with email so you can get updates in your inbox should be up soon.
    The most cutting edge physics is coming on to that page. For free.
    Hence the request for donations:

    tumos – sutranovum blog

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