‘Come over to my house.”

When I was a child I remember a book called:

“Come over to my house.”

It is about a little boy who goes to China and Somalia and Australia and Sweden. He has tea in wigwams and cake in Uzbekistan.

And, when I was born my father wrote me a song. It’s called: “My life song.” He wrote it the day I was born. There is a repeating line:

“You have yet to see…”

With a list of the examples of the beauty and the pain that the riddle of life has in store.

I’ve sailed through hurricanes and swam with penguins and met sages in the chemistry lab and the Himalaya; I have seen every kind of character and learned from all. But it is my work in ecology and agriculture and hydrogen fusion and duction – and hence, implicately, economics, that will help support the kind of privilege I have enjoyed to be much more commonplace.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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