I talk about hydrogen because it is important. All other matter in the universe comes from hydrogen. All energy from the burning of it.

And when one focuses ones attention on the great minds that have looked into it one starts to learn about it. Then, one looks deeper. One sees the errors that were made and the good science.

Standing on the shoulders of giants armed only with awe and intuition, reason and the faculties of a fully attentive mind. Especially, all the humility you can muster.

This is a very important thing to note though. The mind of man is part of a larger consciousness and it has evolved to plummet the depths of that consciousness.

The word “science,” at its root it means “knowledge.” Karl Popper came along and said that you can only definitively disprove things. You can’t prove or know a thing. But, that’s the limits of Aristotelean and Platonic philosophy right there. Parmenides went deeper. Every great mind does.

One of the challenges of understanding the elemental nature of a phenomenon comes down to the metaphor of the double split experiment.

What is the nature of what is looking?

That is fundamental.

And so, with men like Nikola Tesla and Einstein (but far less David Bohm – except in the genius department – he was well provided for there – he saw into the holographic nature of things) you have great sensitivity, but if there is any neurosis in the psyche that is left unhealed, then as the Ancient Greeks knew, there would be distortion in the reading of the axioms of symmetry behind actuality.

Heal means ‘whole.’ To see into the nature of the whole, without that kind of distortion and distraction, you must have healed the blocks in perception. That is why the Greeks loved the phrase:

“Know thyself.”

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Wow Nathan that is just so great. Amazing to read some thing that I apparently didn’t write but I can drink every word and allow it to feed the beautiful me that I am coming to know. I am so happy that I have met you. Thank-you is not enough. I know what that means now. Knowing myself is that. Healing is that. Nothing is actually happening here except that. The quickening has happened again.
    Yesterday I understand the 7 different foods of life and the three “rebirths”. I have a pen name now. Geechigum. I hope to explain in English language what I understood about 7 foods and the 3 “rebirths”. I need to set up a website.
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Novel and inspiring 😜

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