Tesla missed something

I have had some personal challenges to take care of that I am pondering making public. It has taken me away a little from my primary focus right now:

To write down the processes relating to duction and Hydrogen fusion that we have failed to understand.

I do want to clarify something though; Einstein and Tesla were both very brilliant men. Someone said to me today that he thought that Tesla’s work had been hijacked and stolen and kept secret.

That is not true. Tesla did extraordinary work, like Einstein (not in the same direction tho), he made some errors. Or a better way to put it would be:

He overlooked something.

So it’s not about hidden work. It’s more like you have a class of very smart kids trying to figure something quite complex out. Looking for the symmetry that has been hidden. And they find clues that advance our understanding.

In the class a very challenging question is asked.

What is the electromagnetic nature of fundamental forces in nature? Explain the nature of its life cycle?

Questions like that lead to fundamental problems in physics.

And it’s not about the answer you expect because of your conditioning. It’s the answer that is most outside the box that the kid gives that no one expects but no one can deny its veracity either.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    So nice that you look at the ideas of making errors and calling it overlooked. It was exactly that. He as the apparent individual had not learned that yet. The healing is that. And the great healing is that. A gentleman is he who knows that.
    The nature of life is in my awareness double because life appears double. This is why we thought to split the atom for energy was a good idea. But we didn’t solve the problem of recycling the end product and that proved to be so dangerous to the life of humanity that we decided to stop using atomic energy until we know how to recycle the shit. That’s why I use the word recycle. It is a huge idea. Humanity is going to learn about it. I am told that mushrooms are the key. But Nathan Curry I am still also just the gardener and not a scientist.

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