The Lever and the Fulcrum

In Ancient Greek culture the lever and the fulcrum were fundamental breakthroughs. With a lever and a fulcrum you can leverage greater weight.

But when you use a gyroscope things are more interesting. This is an aspect of fundamental physics and chemistry that is still quite new to us. It crops up in our research into black holes. It is very important to understand as it yields great breakthroughs in energy science.

In the spirit of the fulcrum and lever metaphor- I need a little money – $5 is the minimum donation. You can donate here. A friend said:

“But, you are not a charity.”

That is true. I am setting up a charity. And two companies. And the work these donations sponsor does support the evolution of the race. Sometimes you need a little to go a very great deal further. You leverage that and you find wonders happen.

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I have made some breakthroughs in the areas of hydrogen fusion and 

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