Atomic and Quantum

We hear a lot about atomic age and quantum age but essentially these are the meanings

The atomic comes from the Ancient Greek –

It means there are atomic structures and from those structures come the multitude of atomic chemical elements.

The word “quantum,” ; it is from the 20th Century. From theoretical physics related to our evolving understanding of the realms of science that are most cutting edge. Quantum means quantity.

In the sun, quantum mechanics explains some of the reactions. It is an entirely different and very strange mathematical world. But it is a real world. That mathematics describes phenomena and forces that actually happen in our solar system – on multiple levels.

But quantum mechanics applies especially to the reaction of hydrogen fusion in the sun. And it involves some fundamental forces that no nuclear physicist completely understood. In a sense, it is a case of the elephant visiting the city of the blind. They all, in their specialised realms, have made progress in understanding the metaphorical trunk, the metaphorical legs and body and head and the tusks, but no one has ever mapped that elephant; opened their eyes so to speak, until now.

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