Hydrogen Fusion – the how

The Chinese have achieved very high temperatures in their fusion reactors. Higher than anyone else. The Koreans and the British at the project in Oxford are among the others.

But they won’t achieve hydrogen fusion. They have thrown a lot of money at it.

To achieve hydrogen fusion you need to account for gyroscopic force. Right now we use either giant electromagnets or lazers.

Once Richard Feynman, the physicist, he visited a big physics experiment. Cost many millions of dollars. And he said: ‘How much does that cost and what does it do?’

The man in charge said: It cost (I can’t remember the figure) a lot of a millions of dollars and it’s built to test your theory.

And Feynman says:

What? You don’t believe me?


I need 555 million dollars for a similar bet. But, it can power the planet.

Joseph Campbell, the American comparative mythologist, once said, (I’m paraphrasing)

“Can you imagine what it was like for the creature to have eyes to stare into a blank pool? The first time that happened in history.”

Planets come from suns, when they form, when a star is born, the planets come with it. And on some planets, organic life comes up and water and oxygen. Still, it all comes from the explosion of hydrogen. And so to understand the fundamental physics and chemistry of that explosion is fundamental to all of life.

To see into that fully, is a milestone in and of itself. It opens many wonderful doors to mankind.

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