The Glass Bead Game

When I was 18 read a very long book. It is called a a novel A Magister Ludi – The Glass Bead Game. It is by Herman Hesse. I read it in the cloudforests of northern Ecuador. Home to the Quetzal, the jewel of the forest.

It’s a long book and it is one of those books where everything changes, in a way you didn’t expect, right at the end.

That book in a sense helped me see into the myopia of our education system. It tells the story how over-specialisation often leads to a lot of “can’t see the woods for the trees’ behavior.

The Chinese throws huge funding into science and so America created Stem – the program to enhance focus on the sciences. That was, in my opinion, an error.

Nureyev is considered to be the greatest ballet dancer of all time. He had natural talent. But others had that and more than him. And yet, he knew instinctively that all the other arts contributed to his chosen art, and so he studied many art forms very carefully, and it was that, and his passion for his chosen field, that made him a great dancer.

Steve Jobs studied calligraphy. That was one of his greatest strengths to understand that any device should be beautiful as well as practical.

The brain is holographic. It is the integrated mind that is not fragmented.

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