Full Drama ;)

My friend is a beekeeper and he just came over to look at some bees. He showed me a video and in it is he is attending to a 100 pound box full of African bees and honey and hive hanging from a tree.

He is fully suited and he goes up the ladder to this box and he is handed the smoke. Then he brings it up to the hive. I had his commentary as well as the video which had Charlie Chaplinesque music in the background.

“Yeah, that point where I hold the smoke up: That instant was a level ten.”

Me: A level ten?

Beekeeper friend: Yeah: think landing on the beaches of Normandy. Those African bees were not at ALL happy to see me.

Me: Right. So “Saving Private Ryan,” theme tune would be better?

Beekeeper friend: For a beekeper yes lol. So that’s why I made a split second decision.

Me: Which was?

Beekeper friend: To calmly turn around and walk away. If I had not they would have been agitated too much and gone beserk around the neighborhood.

The way they solve that issue is that they breed gentler species of queens with the male drones.

Similarly, when economies are based on flawed ecological interpretation, there is unnecessary agitation.

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