I’ve made some breakthroughs in fundamental physics and chemistry and mathematics.

It is unusual for a man without a degree to do that. But I have made those breakthroughs. They relate to hydrogen fusion and Duction (a development of Nikola Tesla’s work on electrothermodynamics ).

There was a great mathematician who lived in Ancient Greece in 600 BC. Once he fell down a well, while walking backwards and he was teased:

‘If you are so smart, then why don’t you make some money?!’

He went off and studied the olive harvest and invested wisely in a bumper year. He gave all his profits away. He was enthralled by nature, and inwardly self-reliant but he did that to prove a point. The application of scientific principles.

I’m not so much interested in money but in human potential. It was through tending a garden for a year alone that I put a few things together.

Something Lincoln said – he said:

‘The future of America depends on what one man makes of a small piece of land.’

And this understanding that the Ancient Greeks had about the nature of husbandry – in the wisest and widest sense of that word: land husbandry is ecology.

I then followed that trail to hydrogen fusion (the source of all energy in the solar system) in the sun and that lead me to Tesla’s work in electromagnetic forces.

I saw things others missed. I do need a little help to allow me to fully focus on publishing those papers outside my other obligations. I knew the work was too important to wait so I hired a man to help me do the research. I owe him some wages and I have some ancillary costs.

This is the most important work I have ever done.

I am not too proud to ask for help. The app allows for a minimum of a $5 donation.

Once I have gotten over this hurdle important vistas in human development open up. That relatively small loan grants me, through the application of my work, access to much larger sums of money.

I am not motivated by money. But in the right hands you can do a lot of good with it. I saw a way I could contribute and I saw the inherent value of that contribution. It would have been an error to have avoided that. I did not make that error. For when one is given a gift that is very precious and valuable and based on fundamental insights, one must protect it and guard it and make sure it’s benefit is available to all of humanity.

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