The Right Compass

The Indians have the words:

Buddhi and dharma

Buddhi means the discriminating faculty in the mind.

Dharma means the action of rightness. Shakespeare and Lincoln explained ‘dharma’ well:

‘This above all: to Thine own self be true, and it follows, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any.

‘Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.’

The Indians had a tendency to mine the inner worlds. Thanks to Empedocles the journey into the atom was an added dimension that introduced us to the quantum.

And so it was the Ancient Greeks who took it to another level entirely (that was rooted in the meeting between Abaris the Skywalker from Mongolia and Pythagoras who was a priest in the temple of Apollo in what is now Southern Italy – Pythagoras was also one of the greatest mathematicians to ever walk the Earth).

They had the word logos. It means the common sense in relation to the whole.

And the compass that activated that intelligence, they called it Tumos. It means the energy of life itself.

Tumos is the capacity in man to clarify the root of the greatest mysteries and to enable new dimensions in the life of an individual and in the family of man itself.

Like the Aborigines of Australia who mapped the whole world with song lines, they listened to the angles of symmetry and wrote it down in the chord of song; that kind of rigorous attention requires incredible tenacious humored listening to the fabric of things.

We get the word thyme from the same root. The old Spanish meaning of that word is ‘courage.’

And the thymus gland is similar, metaphorically speaking to this hidden faculty of calibrated intelligence, that helps integrate with the leylines of a greater symmetry, Tumos – in the faculties of mind, Tumos is the psychological organ of homeostasis, whereas the thymus gland is one of the principle organs for that in the body.

When the compass is rightly oriented it can map out the solution to any apparent problem; even the greatest of the age.

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