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I would say looking at Empedocles and Tesla – both were men of the same ilk. Einstein too. Einstein used to speak of performing thought experiments in his head. He used a special word in German.

Empedocles most certainly did. He and Parmenides were the first humans to really clarify the atom.

Tesla did the same. He did all his work first in his mind. That’s the only place you can work in the realm of the unknown and be completely free to listen to the clues that help you see into the true nature of the elephant that has visited the city of the blind – the best way I can describe the work of a fundamental physicist.

But with Tesla, for all his brilliance, what you notice is that he didn’t heal his mother wound or his father wound.

In Yoga in India they talk about 72000 Nadis. They correspond to the points of acupuncture in the meridian lines in the body. The yogis thought of them as an extension of the mind – the nervous system of the mind in the body.

And when you look at a cat or a bird – they keep themselves meticulously clean – preening and cleaning – so the senses can be very alert. And that is a most prominent feature of evolved life to be well groomed and clean. Throughout nature.

Tesla did that. But he did it in a neurotic way. He would wash his hands a ridiculous amount of times before he ate his dinner. He had all kinds of strange Asperger like symptoms. And it was because, though he was physically clean and, most of the time, very healthy he hadn’t healed his mother and father wounds (Robert A Johnson goes into those things in his books He, She and We). So he overworked and lost the wood for the trees. Though his contributions are nothing short of extraordinary.

The yogis speak of subtle minds too, and that includes the psychological. They are related – the nadis and buddhi and citam – the discriminatory faculty of the mind and the deep mind itself.

But because Tesla didn’t heal those wounds he couldn’t clarify how to handle a very devious man like Edison. Edison did atrocious things to Tesla. Just despicable when you look into it. That wound that Tesla didn’t heal, well the yogis say if the mind is traumatized or wounded it’s accuracy falters. Tesla couldn’t clarify healthy boundaries. His humanism was too stoic to the point where he undermined himself and overly supported others.

He even fall in love with a dove. And the mystery of his relationship with birds is quite fascinating. I think it is one of the most extraordinary things I have come to understand about nature. Tesla understood this too. And yet, his antenna was off, because the mother and father wound wasn’t healed in him.

But, what is that very extraordinary thing I have come to understand about nature? That Tesla knew.

It is a very difficult thing to put into words but I shall try.

In Mexico and the Southern United States there were kachina dolls among the native tribes.

The word “kachina” comes from Mesoamerican cultures.

It is the realm of time and timelessness and it has a very specific inflection of meaning. It is this:

When a storyteller or actor in a play gets up on stage to tell a story to an audience he enters the realm of the kachina. His or her task, or the cast’s task, is to communicate something of value that uplifts the tribe through the telling of the story. That energetic, that focus, that living exchange, that discipline it is called: the kachina.

Joseph Campbell once wrote this of Schopenhauer, the German philosopher and Indra’s net:

“There is a wonderful work of Schopenhauer’s… He says

‘When you reach a certain age […] and look back over your life, it seems to have had an order, it seems to have been composed by someone, and those events that when they occurred seemed merely accidental and occasional and just something that happened, turned out to be the main elements in a consistent plot.’

So he said ‘Who composed this plot?… Just as your dreams are composed by an aspect of yourself of which your consciousness is unaware, so your whole life has been composed by the will within you.’

And then he says ‘Just as those people who you met by chance became effective agents in the structuring of your life, so you have been an agent in the structuring of other lives, and the whole thing gears together like one big symphony. Everything influencing and structuring everything else.

It’s as though our lives were the dream of a single dreamer in which all the dream characters are dreaming too. And so everything links to everything else moved out of the will in Nature”

~ Joseph Campbell

Nikola Tesla was an incredibly sensitive and intelligent man and he did see deeper into the nature of reality than Einstein. On one fundamental level. It is the reason why Einstein labored the rest of his life, after his early groundbreaking works, to find a common integral formula for particle physics cosmology and quantum mechanics – a grand unifying theory.

Tesla was close – his mind was flawed because of wounds he did not heal and so he didn’t realize his potential. And he knew it. It haunted him. He just never got to comprehend why.

Yet, he did understand, the thing that took me the longest time to fully clarify, that, like Schopenhauer said:

“and the whole thing gears together like one big symphony”

That symphony is like a giant kachina play that is ever unfolding to the attentive mind. And “animal “” means “animated” or “soul.”

Nature does communicate to the very peaceful and attentive mind. In a sense it a very natural process and a mysterious one.

Tesla was aware of that.

The capacity to decipher the symphony comes down to the clarity of perception of the antenna that is perceiving.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Ada Scheenloop commented :
    Wow….the mother and father wound…maybe the core factor in many peoples lifes..but with Tesla..it seems he was very aware of these wounds but could not get over this as he thought of it as irrelevant to his intellectual state?
    Nathan Curry commented :
    He didn’t see into it. He saw into many things though. Yes, it’s very common.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Carl Jung’s student and Krishnamurti’s student too – Robert A Johnson clarified it.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It’s basic deduction to see he didn’t understand it – as his behaviors demonstrated he didn’t heal it. And if you understand something you heal it. Heal means whole.
    Sane and saint come from a word which means whole. The Renaissance artists, in their frescos, depicted that wholeness as a halo.
    When the mood is elevated and the mind clear, you can have that kind of understanding of the nature of phenomena.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Empedocles and Parmenides lived in a time when those illusions that lead to the mother and father wounds were not as active. They rooted themselves in the collective consciousness over time and they very much can be uprooted. Indeed it is most sane to do so.

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