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    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    I like Blake too.
    Violence needs an extremely clear mind to understand. Sometimes breaking, and dismantling or destroying is done to learn. Sometimes fear is being used to delay the healing and understanding. As the mind comes deeper and deeper into the Clarity of Knowing it sees that the energy needed to solve the equation was being spilled into the chaos. Perfection never uses violence.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven violence is just the echo of a mind that does not know its capacity and projects ego on to disorientation.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes from my Mind I am healing that side, like you quoted 1000 miles and one step. However I see the connection and know the power of the One step. I now know that the journey ends and has a final step. I am not talking about recycling or renewables. Perfect intelligence doesn’t disappear and never did. It’s impossible. That is the one impossible that is true.

    Nathan Curry commented :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven from a book given to me by Mr TKV Desikachar.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes perfect intelligence is shared. It is in Reality only One. It’s okay to see you there and me here. Nice that we found each again. You see I have recycled into a body which I allowed to be called many names 😜😅😆🤣😊. A nut, a weird dude, and so on. As I understand it my name is Henry Kuyvenhoven, but I have a pen name too “Geechigum”. I need to launch a internet site and link my voice recordings into a system that allows listeners to contribute funds into a bank account and listen more recordings. I need to understand how to get this done.
    So I too need funding. My support for you goes so far beyond the currency that I know you are going to receive what you need to do so as to do what you need to do. The perfect intelligence is there supporting because you are supporting bring it into this world. I do that too. I am learning to be gentle, accurate and with impeccable timing. I don’t do it alone, I have you and many lovely friends. Together we are literally “the unstoppables”!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven right now 3 bucks here would help

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