When I was a teenager I discovered the words of Lincoln and that lead me to meeting Tara Singh and that lead me to Thoreau and Emerson and Whitman and Patanjali and Hafiz and Agamemnon and Pythagoras and Empedocles and Herodotus and Parmenides.

And in the first line of his poem, by Parmenides, the only authentic work we have of the founder of Western Civilization, in that line, to the man who knows, who has absolute faith, there is meaning beyond the vagaries of academia; no, a much deeper meaning still, therein is the kind of deepest meaning that can renew, via reversing mal-conduct, misperception, the most clear and undeniable signs of the mediocre mind, no. Still, yet beyond All,

Of That,
by the symmetry of a different Grace, there is a deeper aspiration and, wisdom, and, hence, you can se a good and wholesome path to rebirth a planet.

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