The value of a man

We have a moral obligation to consider the children of our children; the world they are gifted. It is no small responsibility. To ignore this truth is the best definition I know of what it means to be a coward.

A sperm and an ovum meet – two cells – and one child is born.

That child may be a Lincoln or an Einstein or a Ramanujan or a Curie or a Tesla. Or it may be a criminal full of malice and pain in their heart.

But it is a human being and a human being is capable of incredible things.

A human being can say a kind word to a person on the brink of suicide, and take that ledge away.

A human being can shine a light on a widely agreed upon lie – Tesla and Lincoln and Martin Luther King are examples of that.

A human being can live an obscure life and yet radiate love and light to their friends and offspring.

The bee is the paragon of insects, but the human being, man, he is the paragon of animals.

He can bring heaven to earth. In old German, the root of the word “heaven,” is:

“The place of clouds.”

Plants make clouds.

I live in a garden where the water was switched off many weeks ago, because of pure insecurity and malice.

Yet, that garden still blooms. In the middle of a desert.

That fact is significant.

In the few decades that follow this moment the largest surge in humanity’s population happens in Africa. Youth is vital; if you can feed it.

There are two plants in the garden where I am custodian that can reverse the deserts of this glorious earth.

Man, wisely focused, CAN reverse the trends of ignorant history. He can make things right. Turn the tide in the realms that matter.

It takes courage to find ones voice. Others shall argue (without knowing) for the advancement of mediocrity. They will sit with the arguments of the status quo and lie to themselves about who they really are.

Recall T.S Eliot wrote, arguably his greatest poem about this very issue: “The Wasteland.”

For whatever reason, my mentor, Mr Tara Singh, was a man who would not settle for second best.

He and I were close. To meet such a man on this planet is not easy. Yet, I was lucky. And I had the perspicacity to see it. I listened. I attended.

I do not regret walking away from so-called more “illustrious” paths; none came close to focusing on his voice. I did the latter.

The heart expands when one does give due focus to such a being. I know that evolution is.

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