Water as precious resource

The root of the word ‘irrigate’ in Latin is:


It means:

“to lead water to.”

There are no weeds in nature, only occasions where water is misused.

They can be remedied.

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1 thought on “Water as precious resource”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Weeds are a choice because a garden is a choice. The story of Adam and Eve has been understood for centuries and then slipped into the confusion. The Nature needs no garden, it is the Garden. In her own she in united and nothing is missing. In that sense Adam is still picking apples from the tree of knowledge and Eve is speaking with the one with the divided tongue.
    Perhaps the current question is; “is humanity natural?” If she can judge what would Nature say?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven myths aside – man needs to understand his own nature for the garden to flourish.

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