Fear as a Teacher

I credit this man with teaching me the significance of one of the deepest wisdoms.

He said in a lecture:

“Fear, in certain circumstances, can be a helpful teacher too.”

My immediate reaction inwardly was disgust: no, love is the only teacher, my inner argument cried.

But then I stepped back and I saw the deeper vision of his impersonal wisdom.

If you can comprehend the nature of ignorance, then you can see its potential impact and that is frightening.

In the implication of dire consequences is the seed of the antidote. And, in that very specific sense, fear can be a mirror to a deeper love. He was right. I was wrong in my reaction.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Well even fear is love. But only the awakened mind can understand that. The quickest explanation I have, at this moment is, simple. Fear is using energy. Like anger or frustration or any, what many people term as negativity or negative emotions they simply use energy. If attention is paid to the process it becomes obvious that the solution to the problem needs the energies that are spilled into the confusion of “negative emotions”.
    This is a treasure from my heart.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Fear is the absence of love. It is a shadow. It is not real.
    The value of the direct perception of fear is that one can see it for a state.
    Joseph Campbell wrote:
    ‘Listen when someone is talking to what is talking.”
    Is it pride, it is folly, and hence fear, what is it?
    But the value really lies in identifying in the mind of another or oneself – depending on where the mind is, at a certain stage it becomes automatic – but one must identify what is the ignorance behind the condition of the mind one is interacting with. It is always a psychological wound that has not been attended to.
    And in that sense, and that sense alone, fear is valuable. To clarify the root of it – so it can be uprooted. It’s called: blossoming, flourishing, thriving, …
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry you see I don’t disagree. An image is an illusion of the real. TV requires power to animate the bodies that appear real. That’s like fear and shadow. They require power. Yes they have none but are supported by the power. That’s it is love too. I would have to teach it as confused love. But that is impossible. Exactly. Fear is actually impossible. And confusion is actually impossible. But I witness that. How come. Yes I am not asking for an answer to that sentence. That is the central question the pivotal question which flips the mind right side up again. Every one has their answer, I have even that certified insane humans have theirs.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven regarding your television analogy- it depends on the stories one is writing. Should those stories be rooted in the symmetry of what is substantial, and I don’t mean that in the literal sense of the word substantial – like an actual substance / but I mean it in the sense of having intrinsic and implicate merit – then fear is not a feature. And it need not be.
    But in matters of love and farming and physics it is most wise to contemplate the consequences of giving fear the reigns – for when that is done thoroughly, then one can expose the antidote.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes fear seems very real to a mouse and I have seen a rabbit trembling from fear. The deer fear the wolves and the tigers, even the bear. But if the wolves have eaten the fear passes for the herd of deer. Wolves are the guardians of the forest. The bear knows that. They fight seldom. Humanity is understanding wolves, again.
    Nathan how do you discern if what someone else writes is true and if they are writing a true story about a true event(?). I don’t require an answer. It is not a rhetorical question either.
    It is a valuable question, which is central to the way I think.
    Yes I discern what is true. I do so according to the ideas I value and hold in my heart. No man(umm nor woman) can take this away. I can, to my great surprise, still throw away my knowing so as to experience confusion. However I am less and less willing to do that. You seem to have the idea that ACIM is missing something. I don’t understand that. I am not sure if I can. I am not sure if you can understand me. I know that you are going to if you don’t already understand me. We would work better together if we understand each other. It appears like we use the same language however I have been learning your language and perhaps you are not seeing that. It is there that I am still separate from you and you must follow the leader(s) you have.
    I reread lesson 127 from ACIM this morning at 4 am. I totally understand it’s mean and wording. It is completely, amazingly, precisely my experience. I don’t need only two 15 minute practice periods in which I “finally get my head on straight”! I actually need to be busy all day with the living the lesson. The rest is taken care of accordingly.
    I am here to change the world and do so with every breath I breathe. It is the power of ideas that changes the course of humanity. Harmoniously done with Nature leads to increased well being for the whole. I understand if change is required however I am not the planner. I am not the one to change anyone from the outside to their inside. I know I touch their heart because they touch mine constantly. I change you from the inside and the outside follows, however I recognize you do that to me too. This is what ACIM teaches when it states that everyone is teaching all of the time. I have awoken to that idea and made the choice to teach only love. The hilarious aspect of that is that I have chosen the impossible. Love can not be taught from the outside to the inside. But it can be demonstrated. So that is my job.
    The best bank robbery is down by “inside jobs”.
    I hope I am wrong about this Nathan but I believe that the bankers are in bed with the ITERS and “artificial intelligence” and are not willing to accept no for their answer. They want to eliminate currencies and launch a total control banking system. Talk about an insider job. Well either way I know what wins. I have been to the last game and have seen the end. So now anyone who talks or reads the stuff I write is confrontational with the final judgement. “Discerning if he is telling the truth”
    Okay I’m done. Need to get my sack of water, bones and stuff into movement and stay awake/alive and healthy. Playing in my Gardens.
    Thank-you ever so much for coming into my awareness and being the miraculous light I see. “Go get ’em Tiger”
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven the logos of the Course is flawed. Truth is relative but also absolute. When the mind is quiet it can listen into the nature of those frequencies.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven the rabbit does experience fear. But man can fully outgrow it as a driving force in his perception. That action does change the vibration of the planet.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes that is exactly what I do. That’s why I am here. Yes I still have some pauses. Awareness seems to grow too. But having recognized the transmitter, the broadcaster and the affects put a “individual” into a different position of responsibility ( ableness to respond accurately, as you say justicely).
    The happiness of that is unexplainable. ❤
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Truth does appear relative, I see that too. I have been shown that it is actually absolute. Now I need the full revelation of that and finally don’t have to hurry to get, demand or evolve into it. Revelation is given. I try to get ready. That is exhilarating and extremely exciting because I never know if I am finally ready. But I have great fun, mostly, until then. I expect it is the same for you? Revelation is inevitable. Intelligence is not the resistance. It is like a man, always ready to penetrate. It is the creative force that causes and caused the hydrogen to make what it does and did.
    Again I feel you pulsating, wonderful.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven the Yoga sutras does depict two truths.
    The absolute and the one relative to the mind’s present state and its comprehension.
    The absolute informs all. Parmenides was right.

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