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    Nathan Curry commented :
    I have seen some extraordinary things in nature. But this bird:
    Junco hyemalis (Linnaeus, 1758)
    The Dark Eyed Junco
    One visited me a few days ago and it was the most extraordinary encounter.
    I will write about it soon.
    I have adored nature all my life. There is something in the pageantry and delicate happiness of birds. I have been fond of it as long as I can remember.
    Once I held a storm petrel in my hands. I think it must be the most tenacious of birds.
    But this bird, the junco,
    It’s Latin name means:
    “The winter flowering reed,”
    What the bird that visited me had to share – well, I have never seen anything like that, not anything as remotely extraordinary as that before.
    Ada Scheenloop commented :
    Wow can’t wait to read about this lovely encounter
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Nothing in all my life has given me hope like that encounter; even in its name is something auspicious, a symbol of a turn in man’s nature.
    Even in the darkest winters, even in the darkest inner places, even in the darkest hours, there is the potential for new flowering.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The name; the winter flowering reed
    It is this sense, inspired by Walt Whitman, that man can and does flourish down by the robed river of his best self.
    And the winters of our discontent, as individuals, and as thriving communities, and as an evolving species, can be duly logged and put behind us.
    Tommy Ma’Lark commented :
    Great photo
    Gill Curry commented :

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