The Emergence of Duction

This is the autobiography of Nikola Tesla. It’s a pretty extraordinary book. He makes statements that are original. And you have to look into them and see where the science has gone today. The really interesting stuff hasn’t developed too much. It’s mostly in obscure academic research. Some of the statements he makes leads the inquiring sharp mind into new scientific territory. But you have to read it very slowly and discern what happens in nature. Nikola Tesla was extraordinarily gifted in that sense.

One of the passages I like in the book is he quotes Goethe (he knew Faust by heart) and suddenly in the illumination of the words of the great poet, one of his greatest inventions flashes fully formed before his eyes.

There is a passage in this book where you can see he struck gold. He didn’t give that natural process a name. I call it Duction. It has to do with neutrinos.

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