George Whitman of Shakespeare & Company

One of my teachers was a former boss. His name was George Whitman and he owned the bookstore in Paris known as Shakespeare and Company. It is the heartbeat of English language culture in Paris.

I was the night manager for 9 months while I taught at a university. I read a lot of books on physics and processed a divorce. The bookshop was heaven. And the curious minds of the students at the university in Versailles were enriching.

People came from all over the world to that bookshop on the other side of the Seine from Notre Dame Cathedral. My friends included writers and nuclear physicists and dancers and musicians. All because of George Whitman and his bookstore.

What an education! And such fun! George would occasionally walk around the bookstore with his hair on fire. That’s how he cut his hair. Things happened there that lead to the kind of laughter where your belly aches.

And on the ground floor there was a wishing well.

Next to it are scribed the words: “Live for humanity.”

But that is a very subtle art. For you must not intrude. You must not make a spectacle of yourself or another. You must be sponsive to who you actually are.

That was the greatest contribution of Parmenides. He saw into the mind at a very deep level. It must have been him that coined the phrase:

Know thyself

When you know yourself authentically and you sponsor the generator of the best in nature you are aligned with the angles of symmetry.

Empedocles penetrated the physics.

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