You are no mule

The thing I have never lost is that unfathomable and very faithful curiosity about the nature of nature.

The mathematics of the flight of a startled dove. A leaf how it spirals toward the sun. These are no small wonders. You listen to Bach and he can feel the tenderness of it all.

And there is man, like a child at a great spectacle, making sense of it all, within the sense of the whole; they refer to it as the “ineffable.”

Effable means what you can utter. What you can say. The nature of evolution is that the effable, it expands. It is a most gracious action. Nothing can stop it. Everything works towards that blossoming. Everything.

The key is to learn what tenderness is and make it your home while remembering the wisdom of the Pakistani poet who said: “Make yourself a mule and someone will ride you.” Well, you are no mule.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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