Man as architect

It’s interesting to look at the impact of Aristotle and Plato – they really were the soils in which the Christian myth was seeded.

The thing is that myth was built on this idea that emancipation is beyond. Emancipation means freedom.

Yet, you reference Parmenides and you begin to see how the earlier Greeks saw nature as the bouquet of Eden and man as the architect and navigator of that seeded heaven (“the place of clouds” – plants make clouds,). But, our own nature was misunderstood.

And to a very great degree you find wisdom in Robert A Johnson’s books: He, She and We. Because amorousness is our nature. In his book “He,” in his insights into the legend of Parsifal, you find the integrated masculine – with his feminine intuition. And, in the book “She,” you find the path where women are aligned and wisely tuned to their nature.

They are extraordinary contributions that come from a deep mind who has swept the cultural history of man.

Johnson uses the term:

Psychological inflation

Or his colloquial version:

“Too much upness”

And in the movie Avatar and in Elon Musk’s plan to mine Mars for metals # – you see graphic illustrations of how that escape from the Greek model of harmony is like a train of great momentum, and you can witness the way that train pulled out of the station because of Aristotle and Plato’s errors.

You can see into how that train ends its journey in ones own psyche too.

# He doesn’t get Tesla’s greatest contributions.

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