The White Planet

When I was 16 I went to Iceland to study botany next to a glacier. It was there, studying those plants in that very remote place that:

I began to clarify the difference between what are referred to as blue zones –

– and what follows from evolution – a white zone.

The white planet – in this spirit of this commentary:

To clarify that you need a knowledge of science that is very deep and an understanding of the roots of human knowledge / most especially the East Asian and the Ancient Greek, then the angles of a better present are seen and known to guide. The African game of Bao features too.

Nathan Curry

9 May  · 

In the early days of life on earth green and blue met.

Green was the potential for the forested earth.

Blue was the ocean depths.

Not at the level of form. But in the mind of life itself.

When you blend blue and green you get cyan.

For many many millions of years there were Cyanobacteria and all they did was create the oxygen for higher life forms to evolve.

Now on our planet we have some areas where some people live happier healthier longer lives. We call those blue zones.

It is given to the heart that is boundless and the mind that is certain – the gift of security. Planted in the deep rich soils of another world – a world within first.

When we look with such eyes we see the blue zones patched out across the earth.

They are few and far between as of now.

But I do not look from the deadly desert mind that brought us here.

I look from the abode of a hill far far further on from that. And what do I see?

I see man for who he is. Ego madness sloughed off.

I see that when you understand the lesson of the badly managed goat 🐐 – the hooved animal of our unaddressed neglect,….I see how when the neglect is attended to,…madness flees like rabbits from a hawk.

When you inhabit the mind of that man you see that a deep wisdom corrects this oversight.

Blue sea and sky

Green earth

But the green earth was, for a time, lost because of man’s abuse of management of what he crafts. The greed that was born of the early unevolved (and yet for the time evolved) earth energy’s attitudes and genetic codes dominated and that created a patch work of dualistic heavens and hells built on the edifices of pleasure and pain and mindless use of mind and pained approaches to the heart.

To see into our true colors and not to be mired in the mud of past straightjackets one must discern what lies beyond the dirty waters of the spoiled bathwater all around us.

That dirty bathwater was generated by us not washing regularly enough…not addressing how to shoot up on the thermals of the eagle from the foraging inquiries of the black raven that swoops down into the shadowlands where wisdom hides, waiting to be found.

Blue + Green = Cyan – the color of the early earth

The color that gave us legs. To walk. To run.

Now I see we have learned the lesson of the badly managed goat, of the mad abuse of fire.

I see blue and green and brown (grounded use not reckless inflated abuse of the soil) gives us the next stage of life.

“Brown is actually a dark yellow and if you add blue to yellow you get white. The correct way to think about this is to take a pure saturated blue and when you add a darker yellow you are actually adding white and thereby decreasing the saturation of the blue. Therefore as you increasingly add yellow to blue it becomes increasingly white.”

Ramana was the simplest wisest saint India produced. Ever. Carl Jung described him as the whitest spot on a great white cloth that was India.

But life is not static and the authority that ran his mind ran the prophets of old. All across the genetic landscape of man.

To reach for the stars you had to leave the world.

There are two ways.

The old one:

How does one leave the world?

By attacking it.

By defending it.

By seeking a god beyond the sacred everything and everyone that is. By denying what actually is.

Above all by proud psychological inflation and separation of man, woman and child into countless “upness” religions and lies about the biology of our ecosystems and our pained past (the causes of it).

We do it by inventing gods beyond us or in us…anything we can possibly do to deny the life that we are. Inventing pious sexually deprived “off” Buddhas who claim to be woken, or crucifed men and women who are believing themselves to be half broken arguing they follow one who sank beneath your wisdom like a stone. Pulease!@

We do it in a billion billion ways. Anything we can do to deny the evolution of evolution – the new way to leave the world of death we invented – leave it forever behind and never ever ever come back. That dodgy cheap car salesman’s pilfered crappy vehicle has served it’s role. We leave that car instantly. Chuck it off a cliff and add it to the funeral pyre of our woes. We drop it. We dance.

None of it….none of it has a hope in a hurricane of not being blown off into the distant forgotten past. Not one aspect of it can stand. Not one aspect of it is remotely real.

Now, we outgrow that model and return to fully embrace this marvelous earth.

The blue zones peter out. The deserts are reclaimed. The whitest spot on the whitest sheet is gone. The healed white all pervading light of a new shared vision returns man to his home, in recognition of who he actually is.

The driver of the evolution of evolution.

In the most sane sanctified on earth. The place all the song birds sing to celebrate. His mind.


The age of flight is upon us.

The age of walking alone and running breathlessly into our own self-created messes and stifled pained savior models – all that is behind. Burned up. Depleted…revealed for the scaffolding it was.

But it is not the age of flight we have so far been lead to believe. Rather than racing toward an imagined light on the other side of the fence….and burning up as Icarus did…we stop, we survey with the eyes of the greatest of eagles, the most wise, the most sane, he who has put his foreboding and false modesty away and embraced his destiny…and then, we roll up our sleeves and swoop down, down down and reclaim what was lost to the ravages of our misadventures and misinvention. And we claim it. Not in the name of some pious desert god or some poor neglected bitter goddess. No.

We claim it in the name of man, woman and child. We do not delay. We do it now.

And, now, now, now, no more delaying, now,….

all humans see it together.

The Report Card
Mr TKV Desikachar
Mr Tara Singh

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The report card the Vice Principal wrote for me to recommend me to go on that trip.
    He had a great sense of humor, was very good at his job and was a most excellent field hockey player. He was also a great chemistry teacher.

    Sarah Taylor commented :
    Nathan Curry Mr Todd?! Or Mr Poole?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Sarah Taylor Oh Geoff!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    He played for Wales.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    At the Olympics.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Sarah Taylor he was a man most suited to his job, I count it a great blessing I was in school when he was. Quite the fellow Geoff. Had a great gift for reading character. Took me a long time to see into that fully.
    Sarah Taylor replied :
    Nathan Curry yes he was. I used to go to his after school detentions – not because I was in trouble, but so he could help me with Chemistry!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Yes he was good at chemistry. Mr Twist was the best chemistry teacher in my opinion. He really loved chemistry. I mean he was fascinated by it. It was a great passion for him. I only got to hear his mind in passing. But you do witness a mind like that. One fully engaged with the exposition of human potential in his chosen field. I had a very good tutor. Her husband was one of the best chemists in the modern days.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    She taught me the value of organization. To fully penetrate chemistry – which is highly complex, you must see the patterns and for that organization is paramount. It helps in every other area of life.
    But, then you cannot separate chemistry from biophysics. They are the same stream. And you learn about them through experiment, observation and applied mathematics.
    And it is quite fascinating.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Sarah Taylor he didn’t give me a prefectship because he knew it would interfere with my studies and I took 6 A-levels. He understood something else too. I have much to he thankful to for Geoff. He knew my father was a River pilot and a very good one. I was looking to study Evolutionary Biology at Oxford with Richard Dawkins and he interviewed me and asked me about a certain genus of seahorse. He did not give me a place because of my Chemistry grade.
    I did however have what I consider to be his best academic student as my birdwatching friend – a biology teacher at a neighboring school – a brilliant mind / I could ask him virtually anything about biology. He taught me the whole course in two years. Minus the practicals. But he told me about a lot of them.
    Then I met Tara Singh in Los Angeles and I had friends at Cambridge University who studied the tripos courses in Mathematics. Tara Singh really solidified my learnings about the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Indians.
    He was a natural progression. Then a decade of studies with an engineer and the best yoga therapist on the planet. He taught me the yoga sutras.
    The challenge I had was with mathematics. Because it was taught in too stuffy a manner for my liking.
    But then you can infer and intuit and connect.
    And math is just axioms. And physics is how we explain those axioms in the real world.
    So once you crack that the door opens to seeing into the lungs and the heart beat and the brains that is nature’s creative cauldron.
    What is quite extraordinary in nature is symbiosis – I mean how an insect has a special relationship with a plant, or a fish with a human.
    Yet one has it too in human knowledge, and pertaining to the evolution of human knowledge, what you find, when you fully apply David Bohm – his work on the Holographic universe and George Ernst Stahl and his work on a deeper interest in the integrated nature of nature., then you find that there are these incredible synapses of understanding across cultures that evolve and integrate over time.
    And knowledge does kind of amalgamate and evolve and elevate that way. I mean it does. It’s like mixing 3 fine coffees in a different way that gives a certain chutzpah and suddenly it’s a thing.
    But what I have found is that there is in the human mind this incredible fusion of the understanding of nature and human nature. And it most definitely does evolve.
    There was a great American paleontologist- Steven Jay Gould and he studied a section of fossils from the Pre-Cambrian and he saw this incredible explosion of life at that period in biological history. He called it the Pre-Cambrian explosion.
    The word diverse means a range of different things.
    The word disparate means a range of very different things all very different from each other.
    The Pre-Cambrian was very disparate.
    There was just this incredible explosion of disparate life forms like we have never seen before or since in history.
    And then it evens out into the basic plan of life we have today. But he said that unlike Darwin’s theory that evolution happened very slowly over long periods of time, he said it actually happens in a process of what he called ‘punctuated equilibrium.” And he cited the Pre-Cambrian explosion as an example. He also cited the 30 car companies in France in the 20s vs the 4 today.
    You see it in all design evolution. Moments of explosive creative potential.
    The thing that made the Ancient Greeks differ somewhat from the Indians was they really forged forward on more advanced technologies. Engineering really spiked under them.
    Because of their fascination with nature. But then they had the story of Prometheus.
    And so morality and technology were woven together.
    Evolution is constant. Technology does advance. Mathematics does get more clarified.
    But then the hand that wields that power, does it have the ethical standards to do it wisely?
    And you must ask that question otherwise you have an Oppenheimer.
    And the Greeks under Parmenides and Empedocles and Herodotus and Pythagoras did ask that question. Parmenides never faltered.
    I have a quiet fascination with the man because you can see how engineering runs back to him and Empedocles. Our modern engineering that has taken over the world anyhow.
    You cannot separate science which means knowledge/ from the ethics of its application.
    What is interesting about Geoff Poole and my father being a River Pilot is that you discover that a chemist and a navigator are pretty similar. They both forge safe passage to beneficial activity in their chosen field (or river ;)).
    Nathan Curry commented :
    But it took this man / Mr TKV Desikachar – an engineer and superlative yoga teacher – to help me understand the relationship between engineering and the mind. Teachers, they come in many guises.

    Nathan Curry commented :
    Sarah Taylor which is funny because that husband chemist whose wife tutored me – he died recently, and he had chosen Johnny Cash’s song “Walk the line,” to be played at his funeral.
    That’s essentially a watered down version of the most important sutra in the yoga sutras. Chapter 1. Sutra 2.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The name of the song I mean. The title. And 1.2 of the yoga sutras. Patterns 😉
    Nathan Curry commented :
    On a personal note – all of those teachers mentioned have been formidable for my education.
    But it was Mr Tara Singh who was the truest friend.
    I knew this the moment I met him. It was cemented when he gave me the challenge he did.
    That is, I would say the mark of a great being. To look into a man’s soul and give him sure direction, and a purposeful challenge, that is most suited to his character. He did that for me. That kind of friendship is the bouquet of a good life. It cements what matters in the character of men.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Alongside Abaris the Skywalker, Tara Singh was the greatest ambassador ever sent from the East to the West. What his thoughts seeded. The spirit he brought to inquiry. He imparted something in me. By his presence. It was a great blessing.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Tara Singh’s photo uploaded.

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